CAN CH Hally Berry du Clos d'Aria


Berger Picard No 1 in Canada in 2013 and 2014


My name is Hally Berry and my humans came to get me in France in June 2012, more precisely in Bretagne at Sylvie's place, the conscientious breeder of Clos d'Aria.


The trip went well but I was very eager to get out of my crate upon arrival and I let everyone know!


Ounce at home, I met the others dogs and they accepted me easily.


For the time being, I am a little lively Picarde fauve charbonne, funny and sassy! Determined also!


I went to puppy school and really enjoyed it.  Everyone says that I have a wonderful temperament, being very sociable, loving, playful and a fast learner.


In two months of dog shows in the CKC, I obtained my championship! Now that is something my Mom and I are proud of!


I do my upmost to be worthy of my name!


Hally Berry had a beautiful show career in 2013 and 2014 within the CKC and was Berger Picard No 1 in Canada both years!  Quite an accomplishment!


Hally Berry is a very sociable, affectionate, charming, mellow and intelligent girl!  She shines the joy of life!


Hally Berry dam is Azur du Clos d'Aria and her sire CH FR Flox du Domaine du Sursaint.



Hally Berry has been tested for her hips and her OFA result is Good.  She has also been tested for her eyes and her OFA result is normal.


Hally Berry's health testing is available here


Hally Berry's pedigree is available here.


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Nos chiens sont enregistrés au Club Canin Canadien.

Our dogs are registered with the CKC. 


Nous sommes heureux d'être aussi membres du club national de race, le Berger Picard Club Canada.

We are also pleased to be a member of the National Breed Club: Berger Picard Club Canada.


Nous sommes aussi membre du club français Les Amis du Berger Picard. 

We are also a proud member of the French Club Les Amis du Berger Picard.


Anne Saucier

Élevage des Picardiers

Saint-Blaise-sur-Richelieu (Quebec)  J0J 1W0

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